Websites I have either worked on or am working on

I have worked for for the last three years as a Systems Administrator and PHP Developer. I have created several areas of the site, as well as maintaining and fixing pre-existing code.

New Clarkson Integrator

This is the site the Clarkson Integrator will be moving to. It is currently using Drupal 6.2, running a custom theme developed by myself.

This site will soon replace

Jumas Archive

A site being developed as an audio archive site for a collection of music by Juma Sultan. It was origionally founded through the communications and media department at Clarkson University. The design was made by Kyle Pulver, and that design has been turned into a custom wordpress theme by me. This was done in an effort so that people involved with this site, who had little to no knowledge of HTML, could upload new content and manage the site

This site will soon replace

Evan Bujold's Personal Site

This is a personal site for fellow digital artist and friend Evan Bujold. Evan approached me and asked me to create a website for him. He had specifics for what he wanted, and gave me a photoshop file with his design concept for the site.
I then coded a site to meet that design, and also coded custom perl CGIs so that he may upload new pictures to his portfolio. These scripts will upload photos, resize and crop them to the sizes needed, and place them into the gallery. Also upon Evan's request I added his tumbler stream as his front page.