When you think about it, this site is also a part of my portfolio. I designed it and made all the code for it to function properly. I used a combination of Perl, HTML and Javascript in order to make the website work.

While it does not look like a lot of Perl is going on, without giving too much away in security, there is a section of the site that I coded (accessible only to me) that allows me control over editing the site without always having to code new HTML. For instance, I coded an upload script so that I can easily add new pictures to the Portfolio without having to add more Javascript each time; Perl does it for me. Now if anyone is interested in what I have coded, you cannot see the Perl on this site. However, if you wish to see it, please send me an email using the contact form, and we may be able to work something out.

I made the site to give everyone who wants it access to works I have produced. This is for friends, professors and potential future employers. Also, anyone who frequently visits the site would probably know that it is continually evolving. Any feedback as far as improvements or ideas are always appreciated.